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Heritage Collection

Get excited about your family history by creating a family heirloom. The Heritage collection showcases your prestigious and honored lineage. You will be sure to find a chart whether you are a pilgrim's descendant or want to highlight your family's revolutionary past.

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Origins Collection

Welcome globetrotters and trendsetters, this is the collection for you. The Origins features modern and contemporary pieces that will be sure to fit your decor and style. Choose between various colors and patterns that find their place in this collection.

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Featured collection: Origins

What our clients have to say

I was so surprised and happy to receive a Fine Lineage chart from my granddaughter. I can't wait to find a place in my home to display it!

Daisy H.

The chart I received was exquisite! My family members now each want one. This is a great gift that is very meaningful and I am proud to hang it on my wall.

W. B.